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19 May 2017

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- Five Must Do Things

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Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, and was called the ‘Paris of the Middle East’. The civil conflict that lasted around 15 years placed a strain on the city. However, since the 1990’s, Beirut has started offering the best of Lebanon again. Many of the most popular Lebanon attractions are in Beirut. Here are five must-do things to do in Beirut.


1. Saint George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral

This church is located in the Parliament Square, which is above the ruins of a Roman law school. The church has been standing since the 18th century and is the oldest church in the city. The church reopened in 2003 after restorations were completed.


2. Hamra Street

Hamra Street is called Rue Hamra...

20 Aug 2016

Lebanon is located in Western Asia, bordering Syria and Israel to the north and east, respectively. The location of the country at the crossroads of the Arabian hinterland and the Mediterranean Basin has shaped a distinct ethnic and religious identity. Tourists can find many interesting and entertaining things to do in Lebanon. The country is a top tourist destination offering plenty of entertainment and fun options for the visitors.

If you are planning your next vacation to...