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27 Feb 2017

Every hard working individual understands the importance and benefits of work- it provides us, as members of society, with financial gain, a means to put food on our family dinner table, and also provides us with a sense of belonging, as we feel that we are contributing to the development of our community. But how good are really the benefits of work when you have to put yourself in hazardous and dangerous areas in order to achieve it?

Unfortunately, even though machinery has helped remove numerous hazards from work spaces and in so protected the workers, there are still work environments that are in serious need of  health andsafety consultants as well as in need of  hazard identification. These work...

27 Feb 2017

We all love our homes- it's our safe haven where we are most comfortable. But that comfort is interrupted when you experience electricity faults, wiring problems and even plumbing problems. Looking for an electrician or plumber can be both costly and time-consuming. So how can you simplify the process, save money, and get your home up to scratch all in one shot?

If you are in need of experts to come fix your electrical and plumbing problems, Techno-Bugs offers a highly-skilled and unique service by providing you with electrical inspections inCape Town and Plumbing inspections in Cape Town to make sure your home is up and running hassle-free and in stunning condition. Not just that they provide you with...

27 Feb 2017

In South Africa, trucks are very commonly used in the transport of products to especially large wholesalers and retailers. These trucks are usually seen on highways in and out of the city, and travelling between cities, to supply all of the consumers' favourite stores with everything they could possibly need and want.

To ensure the safe transport and delivery of these products, the trucks need to be organized, so all the products are supported and will not break while in journey. An important aspect of this support are truck tarpaulin covers, which protect all the transported items in unenclosed trucks.

Truck tarpaulin covers are designed to be tough and weather and wind-resistant, so that they provide...

27 Feb 2017

Have you ever felt like your traditional background and cultural values were ignored or put aside due to Western styles from American TV shows dominating our stores, magazines and all-in-all our daily lives?

Have you been influenced to wear Levi jeans or Armani jackets, because everyone has accepted those as the new 'norm' of clothing? Have you felt that all you want is to be able to express your rich cultural heritage through your traditional clothes, but felt that they would stand out too much from the new 'norm' of fashion?

You're not alone.

Due to the increase of American TV shows and the rise of modern styles of clothing, traditional clothing has almost completely been forgotten and put aside...

27 Feb 2017

Are you wanting to re-decorate your home, but don't have the resources to buy new furniture? Are you tired of seeing your old furniture being torn and dirty?

Or are you just looking for a simple way to preserve your dearest furniture without it accumulating stains?

Then this is the article for you.

If you are living in Cape Town and are looking for a simple and cheap way of re-decorating your home and re-upholstering your furniture, then have a look at Upholstery Works.

There are numerous companies that could provide you with upholstery in Cape Town, but how would you choose which one to use to both help you achieve your goal in redecorating your home and giving your furniture the respect they...

27 Feb 2017

Dental health is an important aspect of life, one that is drilled into each and every one of us from a young age. Every parent takes great care to emphasize the importance of dental hygiene to us and taking good care of gums and teeth in order to prevent painful infections, painful procedures and dental implants if teeth were to fall out.

Unfortunately, no matter how well we take care if our teeth, at one point or another we all eminently pay a visit to the dentist- either to get a tooth pulled, to get our teeth thoroughly cleaned and whitened, or even to get dental implants. But what is it exactly that terrifies every individual about going to the dentist? The expectation of painful and lengthy procedures....

27 Feb 2017

Most of us dream on going somewhere unique and special. We dream of travelling, exploring and seeing the world. One of those unique places that receives the highest amount of tourists is Cape Town. But, unfortunately, due to its growing popularity, Cape Town has become one of the most expensive cities to book a hotel or a guesthouse in.

If you’re money-conscious, and are looking to give yourself or your family an amazing and luxurious holiday, whilst not completely draining your bank account- I can refer you to a beautiful, unique and money-wise guesthouse in Cape Town.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse is a beautiful, well-decorated and family-friendly guesthousein Brackenfell- just outside Cape Town’s city...

27 Feb 2017

Every couple that looks forward to a beautiful and long-lasting future dreams of an amazing wedding to help celebrate their love, their relationship, share their story, and share the celebration of their union with all their family and friends. Many couples even dream of having a beautiful, big, white wedding. In order for this to happen, the couple needs to put lots of effort and care into the planning of this beautiful grand wedding, as well as ensuring that even the smallest details are accounted for. So how can we make this job easier and less stressful, and make the day of the celebration that little bit more special? We find a reliable and trustworthy catering company to help ease the tension and provide a...

25 Feb 2017

Are you planning to purchase the car, but don’t have the best budget for the same? No worries at all and you should connect with the best car dealers in order to get complete idea on the best cars available at great prices. It doesn’t matter what you are looking to have, whether a new or old car, as per your budget, expectations and need, you can easily get an appropriate car which you can surely pick up for better use.

Apart from all, the very first thing which you should definitely notice is to move ahead with the best dealer who can give you something which you are...

25 Feb 2017

Most of the people don’t know that the best car rental service is present in the city which can assure anybody to move anywhere without any hassle. People always feel that it will be very expensive, but it is not as due to the market competition most of the car service providers just want customer happiness and needs and for the same, they make sure to offer them a very high quality services without charging much from them.

If you are looking for amazing riding experience...