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27 Aug 2016

Shop for decking at Lowes. Low prices on Deck Supplies, cedar lumber, composite decking and railing, balusters and post caps, lattice and Wood Deck

When you’re planning to build a deck, one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make is “Which decking building material should I use?”

You will likely be torn between the low maintenance of composite deck materials and the great look and feel of wood deck materials. It seems like you would be have to choose...

27 Aug 2016

A revolutionary approach to anatomic bunion correction

The breakthrough LAPIPLASTY™ System is designed to deliver unmatched control and reproducibility to 1st TMT fusion by accurately positioning the metatarsal in anatomic alignment (including frontal-plane rotation), performing precision joint cuts with the correction held in place, and easy-to-apply multiplanar tension-side fixation.


Make your correction before you cut

The LAPIPLASTY™ Positioner is engineered to quickly...

27 Aug 2016

Sirens are wailing, lights are flashing behind you, and your heart is pounding. The relief you are hoping to feel when the police car drives past you does not come as you realize you are the one being stopped. Now what? When you can’t talk yourself out of a traffic ticket, citation, or violation, let a speeding ticket lawyer in Jacksonville do it for you!

We handle all manner of civil traffic citations or violations, including speeding tickets and suspended license (unknowingly) and we’ll go to court...

27 Aug 2016